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Ceramic coating is the most advanced auto-care protective coating available in the world today.
This is the perfect system if you are looking for unrivalled preservation of your car’s surfaces and paintwork.
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Kenolon Ceramic Coating

Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 is a premium coating on a SiO2 base. It is designed to meet the highest requirements in the professional detailing world. Due to its unique composition it will make the paintwork more scratch resistant and much easier to maintain. It is extremely resistant to all kinds of weather and many chemicals. It will harden up the paint to a maximum of 9 H. The complex and hard structure ensures that potential scratches and swirls on the bodywork are reduced. With proper care, this coating can easily give 3 years of protection.

Our Ceramic Coating can be applied to Paintwork – Wheels – Trims – Chrome.
(we do not recommend ceramic coatings for windscreens).

Note: Ceramic Coating should only be applied to new or perfectly prepared cars.

With upgrade price starting at £200, Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 is a far superior product when compared to any current dealership offerings.


Ceramic coating car detailing.
Ceramic coating car detailing.
Ceramic coating car detailing.
Mercedes Ceramic Coating

“Very satisfied with my car which has just been returned after having a ceramic treatment by Shay, fantastic shine and great service, I didn’t think my car could be improved on but I was wrong! I am sooooo pleased and can thoroughly recommend this company. Thanks Shay.”

Leslie Line

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