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Taking delivery of a new car should be a magical experience.
New Car Detailing will help ensure that your car starts off in perfect condition and helps it last longer.
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Why Brand New Cars Need Professional Detailing

Many new cars are affected with random paint defects which are caused by exposure to contamination whilst in storage, during transportation to the dealership or receiving poor ‘pre-delivery’ cleaning and preparation treatments.

At The Car Dealership

When your car does arrive at the dealership, it will be checked and made ready for the new owner. This includes preparing the inside and outside. Many dealerships now ‘contract out’ this critical preparation work to third party companies. The quality of the staff employed combined with poor training and supervision means that too often new cars are not correctly prepared.

More importantly, it means that expensive dealer protection upgrades are not correctly applied, thus making them valueless.

When buying a new car, get a professional detailer to prepare the vehicle.

The Benefits of Car Detailing

  • You car will have a better finish
  • Your protection will be correctly applied
  • It will often cost less that the dealership offered upgrade.



Professional new car detailing.
Professional new car detailing.

The Standard


(Our Super Safe – 3 bucket wash Programme)

  • Wheels and arches cleaned using ‘acid free’ cleaners and soft bristle detailing brushes
  • Tar and Fallout removers used to remove any iron deposits or brake dust from wheels
  • Wheels washed using a separate wash bucket
  • Vehicle pre-wash decontamination using ‘acid free’ cleaners
  • Pre-wash snow foam applied and allowed to dwell
  • 2 bucket method hand wash with ‘ph’ neutral Shampoo, using paint-safe wash mitts
  • Specialist tar and fallout removers, followed by a Fine grade clay bar treatment will remove any remaining contaminants and leave a silky smooth finish
  • Forced air drying using a warm air blower and Super Buff drying towels



  • Paintwork assessed under high intensity LED and Halogen lighting
  • Single stage refinement machine polish/glaze to remove light imperfections and maximise gloss
  • IPA wipe clean down of panels, removing any polishing oils
  • Windscreen Glass is polished



  • Standard coating (Wax or Sealant) applied to all paintwork
  • Rain repellent seal applied to windows
  • Wheels faces are sealed
  • Trims dressed and sealed
  • Tyre dressing applied
  • Exhaust tips polished and sealed
  • Chrome areas sealed



  • Ceramic Coating (paintwork)
  • Ceramic Coating (wheel faces)
  • Upgraded Wheel Seal including brake calipers (wheels removed and totally sealed)
  • Convertible Roof Seal (up to 12 months)
  • Interior Valet
  • Interior Protection
  • Engine Bay Clean and Seal



1-3 Day Booking (depending on size of vehicle and add-ons)

Price Guide

£200 – £350
Please contact us for a free quotation.

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